Postman praised for heartwarming message he left on missed delivery card

Postal workers have been praised as ‘heroes’ after one postman’s heartwarming gesture for a vulnerable resident went viral on social media.

The people bringing home deliveries to our doors have provided an invaluable service at a time when we were stuck inside and faced with long stretches without access to the shops during the pandemic.

But one postman’s kind act has been rightly recognised after he went above and beyond to ensure a resident stayed safe – and many people have said their own postal workers have done similar things.

Sharing a picture to Reddit, the resident in Glasgow explained: “I have a note up on my door explaining that I’m self isolating until next weekend and asking that any parcels be left on the doormat. Just got this through from the postman.”

The picture shows that the postman had dropped off delivery note, usually left behind if you miss a parcel, and had written in the address section: ‘If you need anything bought in from shops let me know’.

It racked up plenty of comments as others added their own similar experiences, as one person wrote: “Postmen/women/people have been bloody heroes during this s***storm.

“My local postie has been looking in on elderly neighbours and those shielding since March of last year. Talking through windows, taking shopping lists and keeping an eye. Legends!”

A second replied: “Our postie didn’t find us home with a parcel one morning. He came back a couple of hours later to try again (I suspect on his way back to the depo maybe). I was at home by then. It was a couple of months ago, in the middle of the lockdown.

“He didn’t have to. He could have just left a slip. He’s a legend and always wears a massive smile. I made sure I left a praise for him on the Royal mail website for the extra mile and saving us to go to the pick up point.”

And another added: “Ours always does a final loop of the estate to see if anyone has returned home that was out on first attempt.

“I’m sure this must also help take the pressure off at the delivery office. Excellent teamwork.”