Woman urged to call off wedding after fiancé sides with his mum in dress row

A future bride has been blasted by her fiance for making his mum cry in a wedding dress row.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the woman, who is set to get married in a few months time, spoke out about the friction that’s developed with her mother-in-law over wedding plans.

Originally, the couple was meant to be having a small wedding in Italy surrounded by 16 of their closest friends and family as well as a party when they returned, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, their plans were put back.

“I didn’t want a big wedding so this was my idea of perfection and I thought my fiancés too, he brought up eloping way before I said anything,” she explained.

But when her mother-in-law moved down the road, things went south.

“Over a year that version of the wedding was cancelled a 2nd time, [mother-in-law] moved down the road and I got pregnant. Since MIL moved she’s been hell.

“I had the baby prematurely in December. She is fine but while still in hospital MIL told me all the things I’d done ‘wrong’ during the pregnancy that caused the premature birth. She visits all the time unannounced, I have begged her to at least call ahead and does things with the baby I ask her not to but she knows best.”

What’s more, she also told the couple she was glad their wedding had been called as they were making a big mistake and that they were really going to regret it if they didn’t have a ‘proper’ wedding.

“She has completely hijacked planning our September wedding,” the woman continued.

“It’s now a lot more your traditional over the top big white wedding. It probably would be the perfect wedding for someone else but it really isn’t what I wanted.”

“The one thing I was adamant on was that I was making my dress and baby’s dress,” she said, as she revealed she used to be a bespoke wedding dress designer.

Whilst she’d already made her own dress, she was waiting to make her baby’s closer to the big day so that that the size is right.

So when her mother-in-law turned up one day gushing about the dress she bought for the baby to wear for the wedding, she was livid.

“I said take it back, I’m making the dress,” the woman recalled.

“She said I should be grateful she’d been proactive when I hadn’t, that baby would probably have nothing to wear on the day if it was left to me.

“She said it cost her a lot of money and [she] won’t be able to return it. I left and fiancé told me she broke down crying and was ‘inconsolable’.

“After, he shouted at me for treating his mum like that and told me how I was turning into a bridezilla.”

Despite begging him to support her on this as she’d given up control on the rest of the wedding plans, “he said that I haven’t even made the dress so what does it matter if she wears something else.”

“I asked him to tell me the truth on if he even wanted this wedding as it was a hell of a lot of money to just throw at a party we were both going to hate,” but he couldn’t give her a straight answer, so she asked Reddit users for their opinion on the situation.

The majority of people criticised her husband-to-be, with many urging her to reconsider her decision to tie the knot with him.

One person said: “Think about whether you really want to marry a man that is already married to his mother?

“Seriously though, this is a little sneak peek into your future. You still have time.”

Whilst another added: “If your fiance can’t stand up for you now, he certainly won’t after the wedding. If your opinion doesn’t matter one bit to him when it comes to YOUR wedding and YOUR child, you’re in for a very difficult marriage.”

A third agreed: “Reconsider marrying this guy before it’s too late. He and his mom deserve each other, you deserve better.”

“The only bridezilla here is the MIL,” commented someone else.