Man leaves big tip to impress date but is caught sneaking back for refund by waitress

When in the initial dating stage, we often try and do all we can to dazzle the other person, putting our best foot forward, so to speak.

But sometimes this can be taken a bit too far and false impressions can be created that are bound to cause problems later down the line.

This was the case for one man who recently took his date out for a lavish meal, sparing no expense in an attempt to make himself look incredibly generous.

However, it seems he didn’t actually have the money to do so and was caught out in his little charade by a waitress at the restaurant.

The anonymous worker, from the US, shared the story on Reddit’s Tales From Your Server forum, where it garnered A LOT of attention.

In her post, the woman began by explaining how the customer initially appeared to be charming and was the “picture of courtesy and good manners”.

“He complimented me, thanked me every time I came to refresh waters or check on the table, made a point to be forgiving of a kitchen mistake, super extra nice. The dream customer, really,” she said.

“He was certainly in some kind of celebratory mood because he was sparing no expense. He asked for our highest quality wine, she got our most expensive entree, he ordered one of every appetizer for her to sample when she made a remark that she was having trouble deciding, it was a real feast.

“So the evening starts wrapping up and I get their check. I ask if they’ll be together or separate. She starts to say ‘Separate,’ but he makes a big deal of saying, ‘Oh, are you kidding? Together, definitely together. You never have to pay when you’re with me babe,’ and so on and so forth. Then slides me a credit card.

“I get everything sorted and bring out the receipt. He fills it out and it came to $289.00 total. He doesn’t even blink and makes a big show of leaving a $100 tip. He thanks me for my service and emphasizes what a lovely night they’ve had.”

The server is stunned and thanks him profusely for the tip. He tells her it’s only fair as waitstaff are vastly “under-appreciated”, then the pair put on their coats and leave.

However, a few moments later the man reappears without his date, proclaiming loudly as he walks through the door that he thinks he left something inside.

“Then when the door shut, he goes, without the slightest shade of shame or embarrassment, ‘Mark the tip down to twenty bucks Hun, I was just playing it up for my date. You understand.’ And turns to go.

“Uh… I understood, but not how he hoped I would. But I couldn’t make a scene in the middle of work, that’s not my place, so I just said one more time in order to give his conscience a chance to sink in, “Ok Sir. You’d like to amend your tip from one hundred dollars to twenty dollars, is that correct?’

“And even though I didn’t show a hint of displeasure in my voice he shot back, extremely hostile, ‘Yes, and if I see a cent over the twenty on there I’m going to dispute the whole meal with my credit vendor, so, don’t try to pull anything’.”

The waitress explains how bad she felt for the man’s date, not knowing he was being “extremely manipulative” behind her back.

She really wanted to do something to alert the woman to the “red flag” but felt it wasn’t her place and wasn’t very professional of her to do while she was at work – then she realised he hadn’t signed the new receipt to approve the change.

“So, I flagged him down and rushed across the street, nearly stumbling into traffic in my haste for a delicious moment.

“His date was already in the car but rolled down her window since no one expects the waitress to follow you out to your car waving her arms like a crazy person.

“I made it across and said, more than loudly enough for her to hear, ‘Sir, we amended your tip from $100 down to $20 as you requested, but you’ll actually need to fill out a different receipt reflecting your new total for our records. Your old receipt still has your original tip of $100 written on it, but since you just came in and asked us to charge you $20 instead, we can’t have a discrepancy in our records. I hope you understand. This is just a bookkeeping regulation that goes way above me. It has nothing to do with your retroactively downgrading your tip from $20 to $100 , we’re just glad you enjoyed your evening.’

“His jaw was on the floor.”

She claims he attempted to pretend he had no idea what she was talking about, saying he only came back for his keys, but the waitress would not give up.

Eventually, he agreed to sign the new receipt and the “girlfriend was visibly shocked” by the whole thing.

People on Reddit loved the story, with many taking the time to comment.

“Great way to get back at him. I would’ve said no problem and kept the $100. He signed it, so the dispute would fall,” said one.

Another user wrote: “Hah! That ended nicely, I’m glad you were able to make him look like an a** in front of his date too lol. I can only imagine the earful he got from her on their drive.”

A third added: “I think you did her a favour exposing his deficiencies.”