These are the headlines for the "news" stories on the 2012 award plaques. Click on the headline to see the story and the category for which it was written. Please note that the story for each category contains the aliases of  that category's participants.

Woman’s Suffrage Protest Turns Ugly
Youngsters Honored for Saving Dog
Sunday’s Social Turns Hysterical
Trial and Hanging Scheduled
Ranchers Trade in Cattle for Sheep
Youths Stop Runaway Buckboard
Bounty Hunter Breaks Record for Most Rewards
Juarista Sympathizers Implicated in Train Wreck
Man Killed in Saloon Altercation
Gunfight on Main Street Ends Strangely
Senator’s Body Snatched from Boot Hill
Wild West Show Parades through Town
Famed Medicine Wagon Comes to Town
Donkey Makes Ass of Race Horses
Caustic Speech Sparks Land Office Riot
Pig Causes Havoc in Local Saloon
Women Fend Off Indian Attack
Petticoat Gang Robs Local Bank
Three Schoolmarms Foil Stage Robbery