The Snake River Western Shooting Society strongly discourages the use of R&D Cartridge Conversions, or any other cartridge conversion that requires the disassembly of the revolver to load. If it is your intention to use a revolver fitted with this conversion at one of our matches, prior approval of at least two current board members is required. Approval can only be gained by making an appointment to appear before the aforementioned board members well in advance of the match, at which time you will be expected to demonstrate familiarity and proficiency with your weapon to the board member’s satisfaction. If approval is granted, special instructions will be given to selected members of your posse who will be in charge of the loading and unloading table when you are loading or unloading your weapon. The shooter must keep the weapon pointed safely into the berm at all times, even after the barrel has been removed. Once the barrel is removed from the weapon, the hammer or trigger shall not be touched for any reason until the barrel is re-installed. Violation of any of these rules will result in immediate disqualification from the match.